Next Sunday's Service

December 21, 2014

9:00 & 11:10 Worship

Dr. Kirk. A. Ryckman, preaching
"The Sign of the Child"

Carillon Choir

Annette White, organ



Dana Sloan, organist


Child care provided



We celebrate Open Communion at Presbyterian Church of the Cross. Read more...


A great place for music and a great place to make music! Read more...


We are excited to welcome members and friends of all ages to our Christian Education Program! Read more...


Through our mission ministries we seek to follow Christ's example of demonstrating faith and love through action. Read more...


Church of the Cross has a number of groups that meet to share common interests and good times in a Christian context. Read more...
  • Winter schedule: worship times: 9 and 11:10 a.m.; Sunday education at 10 a.m.
      Starts first Sunday after Labor Day.

    Summer schedule: worship at 10 a.m.
      Starts Memorial Day weekend.

    Click here to view the bulletin.


    Worship at PCOC is traditional and welcoming to diverse people of all ages. Based in the Reformed Tradition, the worship experience includes the reading and preaching of the Scriptures as well as expressions of prayer and praise. Visitors are welcome! You will find stickers in the attendance folders in each pew. Please wear one so that we may welcome you warmly!

    The participation of children is valued in worship. Secured child care is provided for children up through age four, if desired.





    communionWe celebrate ‘"Open Communion" which means that if you are a baptized member of another Christian denomination you are welcome to share this sacrament with us.

    The words of Institution from William Barclay create the setting for this sacrament:

    Come, not because you are strong, but because you are weak.
    Come, not because any goodness of your own gives you a right to come,
    Come, because you love the Lord a little and would like to love Him more.
    Come, because you realize that he first loved you, and gave himself for you.
    Lift up your hearts and minds above your cares and fears, and let this bread and wine be for you the token and pledge of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Spirit, all meant for you, if you will receive them in humble faith.

    Communion is generally served on the first Sunday of each month as well as during major Christian holiday seasons.


    CrossAs a community of Christians, we welcome inclusively all who seek to learn and grow in the Christian faith.

    Our congregation is part of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. We celebrate our congregational life through traditional worship, exceptional musicexcellent education and energetic mission programs.

    We are an open and caring congregation striving to provide access and welcome to all. Learn more about the beliefs of Presbyterians here.


    Our Mission


    As members of Presbyterian Church of the Cross:

    We affirm that God is the foundation of our lives
    We believe that the Bible reveals God to us.
    We believe that God came into this world in Jesus Christ and is active in the world today.
    We believe through faith in God we will have everlasting life.
    These beliefs lead us to a willingness to obey and serve.

    Our church is a community of individuals with common beliefs affirming our faith through worship, education, service, fellowship and love.

    As a community, Church of the Cross:

    Proclaims the Good News of the grace of God
    Unites God's family in praise and thanksgiving
    Attends to the spiritual needs of our members, and
    Reaches out with an evangelistic effort to the wider community.
    Our church provides a focus for the comfort, care and support of those in need, and empowers us to serve God and the needs of others.


    Our Guiding Vision Statement

    Come, not because you are strong,
    but because you are weak.
    Come, not because any goodness of your own
    gives you a right to come,
    but because you need mercy and help.
    Come, because you love the Lord a little,
    and would like to love Him more.
    Come, because He first loved you
    and gave Himself for you.

    Presbyterian Church of the Cross welcomes and engages all who seek a deeper relationship with God. We are a thriving community of faith empowered by the Holy Spirit, dedicated to the glory of God and committed to the unifying ministry of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible, the living Word of God, serves as our foundation, guiding us in our everyday lives.

    We nurture one another in our individual spiritual journeys through scripture-based worship, inspirational music, enriching study, thoughtful discussion, and prayer.

    We honor the heritage of the Church and celebrate our traditions, while continually seeking new ways to understand our faith and become better disciples.

    As a caring community we take on each other’s joys and burdens, offering and receiving support and comfort. Because we know and care for each other, we respect and learn from a wide range of views. We value the richness this variety of perspectives brings to our church.

    We strive to be a beacon of hope by living the commandment to love God and our neighbors. We serve others with courage, creativity and compassion. Using our God-given talents individually or partnering with others, we respond to human needs in our community, our country and the world.

    Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we: live the Word, celebrate the Word, study the Word, share the Word, and serve God’s world.

    Vision TeamWe go forth into the world in peace,
    having courage,
    holding fast to that which is good,
    rendering to no one evil for evil,
    strengthening the faint hearted,
    supporting the weak,
    helping the afflicted,
    honoring all men and women,
    loving and serving the Lord,
    rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Dr Kirk RyckmanDr. Kirk Ryckman, Pastor/Head of Staff

    Kirk has been Pastor/Head of staff since 1987.  A graduate of Princeton Seminary (M.Div.) and Pittsburgh Seminary (D.Min.), Kirk has served churches in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.  Kirk and his wife Debbie have two married daughters.  Learn more about Kirk's thoughts in "A Message From Our Pastor".








    lyndadinsdaleRev. Lynda Dinsdale, Transitional Associate Pastor

    Lynda was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln majoring in secondary education. She was a secondary English Teacher in Ogden, Utah, and then a substitute teacher and stay-at-home parent in St. Paul, Minnesota and Austin, Texas.

    In 2003, Lynda graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas. Through much of her seminary education she was the Seminary Intern for Women and Older Adult Ministry at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin, a 2400 member congregation. In July, 2003 Lynda was called to serve the New Braunfels Presbyterian Church, a 600 member congregation in New Braunfels, Texas as an Associate Pastor. During that time, their Senior Pastor retired leaving Lynda to serve alone for eight months while they searched for an Interim Senior Pastor. Over the last couple of years she has served at New Braunfels with three Interim Pastors and a short-term Head of Staff (there for less than one-year). She definitely has had firsthand experience working with a church in transition, and providing stability in a time of change.

    Her continuing education background involves Family Systems Training, Interim Training Week One and Week Two, and Stephen Ministry Leader Training. Lynda is married to Dick Dinsdale, and they have three grown sons.

    Lynda has many gifts to share with our congregation, and her experience, spiritual maturity, energy, and compassion will be a blessing for us as we move forward.

  • The process of transition continues on many different fronts.

    • The Vision Statement was heartily approved and accepted by the Session.

    • The PNC members are Keith Allen, Erin Erickson, Angela Holdren, Frank McMullen, Karen Metzger, Lloyd Meyer, Jim Miller, John Morey, Mary Ann Pederson and Jim Ritter.

    • Lynda Kay Dinsdale, is our Transitional Associate Pastor.

    • Dana Sloan retired as Minister of Music (July 31, 2014). Dana will serve in the capacity of Organist and Vesper Concert Series Director.

    • We welcome Kristi Treu as our new Minister of Music.

    • Rock Sumner has replaced our Business Administrator, June Fettig who retired at the end of October.

    • At the special meeting of the congregation on December 7th, Dr. Marshall Zieman was called as Pastor/Head of Staff of Presbyterian Church of the Cross. He will start on January 15, 2015.

    • For more information on Dr. Zieman click here.

    • Below is a timeline for the process of transition.

      • Kirk will preach a final series of three sermons on January 4th, 11th, and 18th. The content of these sermons will be: The Greatest Lessons of My Ministry.
      • On January 15 Marshall Zieman shall arrive. Immediately upon arrival he will assume the role of Head of Staff and move into the HOS office. As of this time Kirk Ryckman will be Pastor in Transitional Duties.
      • On Sunday, January 18th, Kirk will preach and Marshall shall assist.
      • On Sunday, January 25th, Marshall will preach and Kirk shall assist.
      • At the Annual Meeting (January 25th) Kirk will moderate the Annual Meeting business (Reports, Budget and Election of Officers). Questions at the end of the meeting will be responded to by both pastors.
      • (Note: an evening – out of building reception is being planned for Kirk and Debbie on January 18th and a cake reception at church after worship and the Annual Meeting on January 25th)
      • On Monday, January 26, at the regular meeting of the Session, Marshall shall moderate and Kirk will make a report and be available for any questions.
      • During the January 15-26 time frame, funerals will be handled cooperatively by both pastors. (Two pastor funerals are quite common at PCOC.)
      • Following the January Session meeting Kirk will move into the background mode, no longer publically functioning as the Pastor or Head of Staff at PCOC.
      • Transitional duties will be mixed with remaining vacation and one week’s study leave. During this time. During this time Kirk will concentrate on creating hard copies, digital copies and shared exchanges about information, nature, and history of services and processes by which PCOC has functioned (Its people / programs / and overall atmosphere).
      • The goal of work is not to create some blue print to follow, but to offer an avoidance of pitfalls and an illuminated path used in the past to accomplish certain goals. While some programs and/or processes may be the current norm, that norm is always seeking to evolve.
      • The expectation is that the new Pastor / Head of Staff will bring new perspective and ideas that will re-invigorate and excite the life of the church and bring renewed vitality to its future directions.
      • Following the end of public duties on January 26th and official retirement on March 31st, it is the intention of Kirk to support Marshall in any way that is helpful or requested.
      • This includes an absolute separation from all activities of Presbyterian Church of the Cross until further notice.

      • No further pastoral duties (weddings, funerals, baptisms of members).

        The Book of Order currently states: G-2.0905 – “Officiate by Invitation Only"
        “After the dissolution of the pastoral relationship, former pastors and associate pastors shall not provide their pastoral services for members of their former congregations without the invitation of the moderator of session.”

        It is the suggestion of Kirk Ryckman to add to the ‘invitation of the moderator of session.’ – “and the concurrence of the COM moderator or representative.” (this strengthens the separation and removes the moderator of session from the middle of a discussion.)
    • In 2015, Julie Hansen will be retiring (after 22½ years of service here!)

Current Church News

  • Save the date for Kirk’s retirement dinner

    Save the date for Kirk’s retirement dinner on Jan 18, 2015. Information to follow.

  • Fellowship Gift Exchange 2014

    This year’s Christmas Gift Exchange will be Saturday evening, December 20th, at Jan and Debbie Mazgaj’s home. Everyone is welcome to join in a time of great fellowship, good food and lots of fun. Mark your calendars, more details to follow. Sign-up at the information Center.

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