Adult Cornerstone

Disciple Bible Study – Genesis September 13 – November 1st
Disciple Bible Study – Acts January 10 – February 28, 2018
Led by Rev. Lynda Dinsdale
6:30—8:00 p.m.

This fall we begin at the banks of the Nile River traveling to the hills overlooking Jericho. We will walk beside the Hebrew people, led by Moses, as they grow into the nation of Israel. We will watch them meet their God and learn to follow Him during their forty years of wilderness wanderings.

Then in January, we will start in Jerusalem with the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church, as life in the first Christian community begins to grow and expand, across Israel.  We will meet the Apostle Paul traveling with him on his missionary journeys and witness the boldness of his faith, from Jerusalem to Rome.

Disciple Two Bible Study will travel through the Old Testament Book of Exodus this fall. And in January will travel through the New Testament Book of Acts. Each session will be eight weeks, with video, discussion and out of class reading in our textbook, the Bible with notes from our study manual.  We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, as part of the Cornerstone program.  Come join the adventure!


Evolution and Your Faith – Interconnecting the Pieces
Led by Earlene Uhrig
September 13 – October 4
6:30 – 7:30 PM

The four sessions for fall are each a “stand alone” session. These sessions are designed primarily for parents of our high school students but open to any interested adult.  Each session includes some basic background as well as discussion points.  There will be additional resources if you choose to further explore with your child, spouse, or significant other just how your faith interweaves with scientific findings.  You may attend any number of these sessions and completely understand the subtopic for the day.

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