Lay Leadership



Our leadership is based on the Presbyterian form of government in which ministers and ruling elders chosen by the congregation serve together. Twenty-four elders serve on the Session, each serving a three-year term. Elders also participate on one or more of the eight standing committees, often as moderators.

 Building and Grounds  Jeremy Gerot, moderator 
 Christian Education  Scott Stalnaker, moderator
 Communications  Larry Frederickson, moderator
 Congregational Life  Mary Ann Pederson, moderator
 Finance  Ben Miller, moderator
 Membership  Sharon Sievers, moderator
 Mission  Clarence Waters, moderator 
 Worship and Music  Charlene Meyer, moderator
 Clerk of Session  Marsha Marron


Board of Elders

2018 2019 2020
 Bruce Cramer  Dennis Boeson  Kevin Bunjer
 Dave Gazzetta  Larry Frederickson  Carla Fritz
 Jeremy Gerot  Paul Holubeck  Brad Gibson
 Ben Miller  Mike Howland  Ardys Hansum
 Mary Ann Pederson  Marietta Morhardt   David Hopp
 Sherryl Shannon  Scott Stalnaker  Gary Lippstreu
 Sharon Sievers  Staci Voss  Charlene Meyer
 Clarence Waters  Anne Wattles  Tom Searson



Elected by the congregation to three year terms, deacons minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.

The deacons of our church actively minister to others through...

  • outreach to homebound individuals
  • member visitation and support
  • correspondence and personal contact with members for significant life events
  • hospital visitation and delivery of flowers
  • provision of luncheons following the funeral services
  • coordination and provision of meals and other assistance during times of need. 
  • support for various ministries such as Pantry Sunday, the Prayer Shawl ministry, recognition of graduating high school seniors, care boxes for young members who are away from home, and many special projects to support ongoing needs in the local and larger community.

The current moderator of the deacons is Sandi Stuckey.

2018 2019 2020
 Judy Arms  Paula Allen  Brenda Graumann
 Heather Berry  Ethan Bennett  Paula Hazelrigg
 Jean Carey  Lauren Ballou  Karin Hjerpstedt
 Kristen Curtis  Susan Emmert  Don Metzger
 Belinda Greiner  Ally Hopp  Joan Sacco
 Deb Mazgaj  Linda Matson  Roger Utman
 Lynette Olsen  Bill Ritchie  Dave Woods
 Sandi Stuckey  Drew Dinsdale  Eileen Wright

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